Tomorrow brings another town, another girl like you.
Richard Wright (Summer '68)
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Pink Floyd are to release two physical versions of their newly recorded music, Hey Hey Rise Up.

The single, which was initially released digitally in April in support of the people of Ukraine and was Number 1 in 27 countries, will be available on 7" and CD single. Both formats will also feature a newly reworked version of A Great Day for Freedom taken from the band's 1994 album, The Division Bell. The single will be available on 15 July (excluding Japan – released on 3 August – and USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico – released on 21 October).

For this limited edition release, David Gilmour has reworked A Great Day for Freedom using the original tapes which feature Nick Mason on drums and Richard Wright on keyboards, along with backing vocals from Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine and Durga McBroom. The track was composed by Gilmour with lyrics by himself and Polly Samson. Speaking about the song in 1994, Gilmour said, "There was a wonderful moment of optimism when the Berlin wall came down – the release of Eastern Europe from the non-democratic side of the socialist system. But what they have now doesn't seem to be much better. Again, I'm fairly pessimistic about it all. I sort of wish and live in hope, but I tend to think that history moves at a much slower pace than we think it does. I feel that real change takes a long, long time".

Talking about the inspiration for Hey Hey Rise Up Gilmour commented, "Any war, but particularly a war that is started by a world superpower against an independent democratic nation, has got to raise enormous anger and frustration in one. As I said before, I have a small connection there; my daughter-in-law is from Ukraine. And the band Boombox are Ukrainian people that I already knew, not well, but from some time ago. It's an enormously difficult, frustrating, and anger-making thing that one human being could have the power to go into another independent democratic nation and set about killing the population. It's just obscene to an extent that is just beyond my belief".

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Radio K.A.O.S. The Story

Benny is a Welsh coal miner. He is a radio ham. He is 23 years old, married to Molly. They have a son, young Ben, age 4, and a new baby. They look after Benny's twin brother Billy, who is apparently a vegetable. The mine is closed by the market forces. The Male Voice Choir stops singing, the village is dying.
One night Benny takes Billy on a pub crawl. Drunk in a brightly-lit shopping mall, Benny vents his anger on a shop window full of multiple TV images of Margaret Thatcher's mocking condescension. In defiance, he steals a cordless 'phone. Later that night, Benny cavorts dangerously on the parapet of a motorway footbridge, in theatrical protest of the tabloid press. That same night, a cab driver is killed by a concrete block dropped off a similar bridge. The police come to question Benny; he hides the cordless 'phone under the cushion of Billy's wheelchair.
Billy is different, he can receive radio waves directly without the aid of a tuner; he explores the cordless 'phone, recognizing its radioness.
Benny is sent to prison. Billy feels as if half of him has been cut off. He misses Benny's nightly conversations with radio hams in foreign parts. Molly, unable to cope, sends Billy to stay with his Great Uncle David, who had emigrated to the USA during the war. Much as Billy likes Uncle David and the sunshine and all the new radio in LA, he cannot adjust to the cultural upheaval and the loss of Benny, who for him is 'home'.
Uncle David, now an old man, is haunted by having worked on the Manhattan project during World War II, designing the Atom Bomb, and seeks to atone. He also is a radio ham; he often talks to other hams about the Black Hills of his youth, the Male Voice Choir, about home. He is saddened by the use of telecommunication to trivialise important issues, the soap opera of state. However, Live Aid has decynicised him to an extent. Billy listens to David and hears the truth the old man speaks.
Billy experiments with his cordless 'phone, he learns to make calls. He accesses computers and speech synthesizers, he learns to speak.
Billy makes contact with Jim a DJ at Radio KAOS, a renegade rock station fighting a lone rear guard action against format radio. Billy and Jim become radio friends. Reagan and Thatcher bomb Lybia. Billy perceives this as an act of political "entertainment" fireworks to focus attention away from problems at "home".
Billy has developed his expertise with the cordless 'phone to the point where he can now control the most powerful computers in the world. He plans an "entertainment" of his own. He simulates nuclear attack everywhere, but de-activates the military capability of "the powers that be" to retaliate.
In extremes perceptions change. Panic, comedy, compassion. In a SAC bunker a soldier in a white cravat turns a key to launch the counter attack. Nothing happens; impotently he kicks the console, hurting his foot. He watches the approaching blips on the radar screen. As impact approaches, he thinks of his wife and kids, he puts his fingers in his ears.
Silence. White out. Black out. Lights out. It didn't happen, we're still alive. Billy has drained the earth of power to create his illusion.
All over the dark side of the earth, candles are lit. In the pub in Billy's home village in Wales one man starts to sing; the other men join in.
The tide is turning.
Billy is home.

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Music journalist and author Mark Blake sat down with Hipgnosis co-founder Aubrey Powell for 45 minutes about his new book "Through the Prism". Powell talked about Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney... and of course Pink Floyd.

Powell, meanwhile, gave an update on the status of the Animals remix, which both he and Blake were collaborating on. Powell was responsible for the artwork and Blake wrote the liner notes, which led to disagreements between the band members. David Gilmour and Nick Mason ultimately voted against the additional information. Roger Waters eventually published the liner notes on his website.

Powell confirmed that the Animals' 2018 remix will be out soon. It won’t be June, as previously stated at the Their Mortal Remains exhibition, but it will be available towards the latter end of the year.


«Yes, it will be coming out shortly. I was working on it today in fact. I’m just preparing it for release. There is, in fact, a completely new cover for it. It has been shot at Battersea Power Station semi-late at night, and it looks amazing, but it really does look very different. I’m really interested in people being able to see that.

Animals is one of my favourite albums by Pink Floyd just because of the stories attached. You know, the pig flying away. People say it must be a publicity stunt, but no it wasn’t. You see the picture of it in the book and you think, Oh God, am I really responsible for that? But, you know, it wasn’t publicity stuff, but you couldn’t do that now.

I remember going to Battersea Power Station and it was a dump. It was full of coal and debris and broken cars. It was just absolutely horrid. I knocked on the door and a lad answered. I said I was looking for someone important and the chap went, well thats me, and I said I want to fly a pig. He said it was fine but you wouldn’t get away with it these days because you know health and safety.

I remember speaking to Roger and Storm when we got the pig flying because next door to Battersea was the American embassy, who saw it on CCTV and said “Take that down, take that down.”

Not many people know this, but the media reported the band was being charged with flying an undentified flying object. Luckily, a farmer in Kent put a stop to that when he phoned and said are you looking for a pig and I said yes. It was a relief, that can be said. It’s all in the book.»

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It's Record Store Day 2022, and amongst the limited edition releases is Pete Townshend's Deep End live in 1986, for the first time as a 2LP set on yellow vinyl. Amongst the musicians in Pete's excellent band was David Gilmour.

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Tonight at midnight, Pink Floyd will release 'Hey Hey Rise Up', in support of the people of Ukraine. It sees David Gilmour and Nick Mason joined by long time Pink Floyd bass player Guy Pratt and Nitin Sawhney on keyboards, all accompanying an extraordinary vocal by Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Ukrainian band Boombox. All proceeds go to Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief.

The track, recorded last Wednesday (30th March), uses Andriy’s vocals taken from his of him in Kyiv’s Sofiyskaya Square singing ‘Oh, The Red Viburnum In The Meadow’, a rousing Ukrainian folk protest song written during the first world war. The title of the Pink Floyd track is taken from the last line of the song which translates as ‘Hey, hey, rise up and rejoice’.

The video for ‘Hey Hey Rise Up' was filmed by acclaimed director Mat Whitecross and shot on the same day as the track was recorded, with Andriy singing on the screen while the band played.

Gilmour, who has a Ukrainian daughter-in-law and grandchildren says: “We, like so many, have been feeling the fury and the frustration of this vile act of an independent, peaceful democratic country being invaded and having its people murdered by one of the world's major powers”.

Gilmour explains how he came to know Andriy and his band Boombox. “In 2015, I played a show at Koko in London in support of the Belarus Free Theatre, whose members have been imprisoned. Pussy Riot and the Ukrainian band, Boombox, were also on the bill. They were supposed to do their own set, but their singer Andriy had visa problems, so the rest of the band backed me for my set — we played Wish You Were Here for Andriy that night. Recently I read that Andriy had left his American tour with Boombox, had gone back to Ukraine, and joined up with the Territorial Defense. Then I saw this incredible video on Instagram, where he stands in a square in Kyiv with this beautiful gold-domed church and sings in the silence of a city with no traffic or background noise because of the war. It was a powerful moment that made me want to put it to music.”

While writing the music for the track, David managed to speak with Andriy from his hospital bed in Kyiv where he was recovering from a mortar shrapnel injury. “I played him a little bit of the song down the phone line and he gave me his blessing. I hope that we do something together in person at some point in the future.”

Speaking about his hopes for the track Gilmour says, “I hope it will receive wide support and publicity. We want to raise funds and morale. We want to show our support for Ukraine and in that way, show that most of the world thinks that it is totally wrong for a superpower to invade the independent democratic country that Ukraine has become.

The artwork for the track features a painting of the national flower of Ukraine, the sunflower, by the Cuban artist, Yosan Leon. The cover of the single is a direct reference to the woman who was seen around the world giving sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers and telling them to carry them in their pockets so that when they die, sunflowers will grow.

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P·U·L·S·E  Restored & Re-edited

Дата записи концерта:

20 октября 1994

Дата выпуска VHS:

5 июня 1995

Дата выхода DVD:

10 июля 2006

Дата переиздания в составе


  "The Later Years 1987 — 2019":

13 декабря 2019

Дата переиздания в форматах


 2Blu-ray, 2DVD:

18 февраля 2022






Дэвид Маллет

Постановка шоу и света:

Марк Брикман

Постановка съемки:

Сторм Торгерсон


Джеймс Гатри и Дэвид Гилмор



Дэвид Гилмор — гитары, вокал
Ник Мэйсон — ударные, перкуссия
Ричард Райт — клавишные, вокал
Тим Ренвик — гитары
Гари Уоллис — перкуссия
Джон Кэрин — клавишные, вокал
Гай Пратт — бас-гитара, вокал
Дик Пэрри — саксофон
Сэм Браун, Дурга МакБрум, Клаудия Фонтэйн — бэк-вокал

Disc 1 — The Concert Film
Blu-ray: Stereo PCM 48/24, 5.1 dts master audio 96/24
DVD: Stereo PCM 48/16, 5.1 dts master audio 48/16
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V, VII)
  2. Learning to Fly
  3. High Hopes
  4. Take It Back
  5. Coming Back to Life
  6. Sorrow
  7. Keep Talking
  8. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)
  9. One of These Days

  10. The Dark Side of the Moon
  11. Speak to Me
  12. Breathe
  13. On the Run
  14. Time
  15. The Great Gig in the Sky
  16. Money
  17. Us and Them
  18. Any Colour You Like
  19. Brain Damage
  20. Eclipse

  21. Encores
  22. Wish You Were Here
  23. Comfortably Numb
  24. Run Like Hell

Disc 2 — music videos, tour screen films, documentaries & additional material : all in stereo only

    Music videos (BD 48/24, DVD 48/16)
  1. Take It Back 1994
  2. High Hopes 1994
  3. Marooned 2014

  4. PULSE Tour rehearsal 1994 (BD 96/24, DVD 48/16)
  5. A Great Day for Freedom Version 1
  6. A Great Day for Freedom Version 2
  7. Lost for Words

  8. Concert screen films 1994 (BD 96/24, DVD 48/16)
  9. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-4,7
  10. Speak to Me
  11. Time
  12. The Great Gig in the Sky
  13. Money
  14. Us and Them (Black & White)
  15. Us and Them (Colour)
  16. Brain Damage + Eclipse North American dates
  17. Brain Damage + Eclipse European dates
  18. Brain Damage Earls Court, London dates

  19. Documentaries & additional material (BD 48/24, DVD 48/16)
  20. The Division Bell album cover photography (Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK) 1994
  21. PULSE TV Ad 1995
  22. The Division Bell Airships 1994
  23. Behind the Scenes: Interviews with the lead technicians for the Division Bell Tour

  24. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction 1996 (BD 48/24, DVD 48/16)
  25. Wish You Were Here with Billy Corgan

  26. Audio-only live recordings (BD&DVD 96/24)
  27. One of These Days Live in Hannover 1994
  28. Astronomy Domine Live in Miami


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ВНЕЗАПНО на официальных каналах Роджера Уотерса и появился неполный плейлист с записями прямой FM-радиотрансляции концерта Radio KAOS со стадиона Colisee de Québec в Квебеке 7 ноября 1987 года. На данный момент загружены треки "Jim Ladd Intro / Radio Waves", "Money", "In the Flesh / Have a Cigar", "Pigs / Wish You Were Here", "Mother", "The Powers That Be", "Breathe" и "Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 & 2".

Очевидно, что это всего лишь меньшая часть того шоу, которое было представлено в САСШ и Канаде в августе — ноябре 1987 года, и пока неясно, должна ли эта публикация предшествовать надлежащему релизу, или пропущенные песни появятся позже. Качество звука действительно очень хорошее.

Состав исполнителей: Roger Waters, Graham Broad, Paul Carrack, Doreen Chanter, Mel Collins, Jim Ladd, Andy Fairweather Low, Katie Kissoon, Jay Stapley.

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Warner Music для Европы и Sony Music для остального мира напоминают о том, что концертный фильм Pink Floyd P·U·L·S·E Restored & Re-Edited впервые выйдет отдельно от бокс-сета "Pink Floyd The Later Years 1987 — 2019" в форматах 2BD / 2DVD 18 февраля этого года.

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23 января 1977 года, сорок пять лет тому назад, в Великобритании вышел альбом Pink Floyd "Animals".

Как заявлено на соответствующем стенде проходящей сейчас в Лос-Анджелесе выставки Pink Floyd "Их бренные останки": «Ожидаемый срок выпуска нового ремикса альбома Animals, произведенного Джеймсом Гатри с оригинальных магнитных лент, — июнь 2022 года. Animals изначально был выпущен в UK 21 января 1977 года, а в US — 12 февраля».

Между тем, в опубликованной заранее аннотации Марка Блэйка для будущего переиздания внятно сказано: «Альбом был выпущен 23 января 1977 года».

При этом, в той части "Обращения Роджера Уотерса к поклонникам Pink Floyd 31 мая 2021 г.", которая касается правдивости текста Марка Блэйка, подчеркивается: «Окончательный вариант аннотации был проверен и признан мною, Ником и Гилмором как фактически верный. Он приведён ниже, наслаждайтесь, здесь нет ничего спорного, всего несколько простых фактов».

Складывается такое впечатление, что основной причиной скандала с примечаниями к альбому Animals остается вот эта самая дата его выхода в Великобритании: 21 января, пятница, навязанная историографом Гленном Пови официальному сайту и послушным редакторам аккаунтов Pink Floyd , или 23 января, воскресенье, уже сорок пять лет известная всему остальному прогрессивному человечеству как дата релиза Animals и параллельно дата начала тура Pink Floyd In The Flesh 1977.

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Новый студийный альбом Гарри Уотерса "Морская диковина" в жанре психоделического фолка, созданный в сотрудничестве с американским певцом-песенником Джоном Кларком () и посвященный теме инопланетного вторжения, с 21 января будет доступен на стриминговых сервисах, а также на сайте .

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Одним из самых популярных и востребованных релизов, подготовленных четыре года тому назад ко Дню музыкального магазина 2018 г., стало перездание моно-версии дебютного альбома Pink Floyd "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". Этот моно-микс для винила в 2017 году подготовили Джеймс Гатри, Джоэл Планте и Берни Грундман, как тогда утверждалось, с оригинальных монофонических аналоговых лент (the original mono analogue tapes).

Для тех, кто пропустил тот однодневный релиз (с каталожным номером Pink Floyd Records PFRLP26), есть отличная новость: переиздание этого дивно звучащего моно-микса на тяжелом виниле случится 4 марта 2022 года. К нему не будут прилагаться постер и дополнительный конверт, как это было в Record Store Day 2018, — вместо них на классической обложке Пайпера появится легко удаляемый стикер, как показано на рисунке, и из-за этого релизу будет присвоен каталожный номер PFRLP38.

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Warner Music for Europe and Sony Music for outside Europe today announced that Pink Floyd's P·U·L·S·E Restored & Re-Edited, will be released for the first time on Blu-ray on 18 February 2022.

The P·U·L·S·E concert film (helmed by esteemed director David Mallet) will be available as 2x Blu-ray and 2x DVD deluxe box sets, with the video footage having been expertly re-edited by Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis from the original tape masters especially for The Later Years release in 2019. The cover design, originally created by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon for the 2006 DVD release, has also been updated with photography by Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis and Rupert Truman/StormStudios. The packaging artwork is designed by Peter Curzon from StormStudios, under the direction of Aubrey Powell/Hignosis.

This release also sees the reintroduction of the iconic pulsating light as per the original 1995 CD release, this time operated by two replaceable AA batteries. The deluxe packages include music videos, concert screen films, documentaries, Pulse Tour rehearsal footage and more, alongside a 60-page booklet.

P·U·L·S·E, originally released as an album in 1995, was recorded on the European leg of the Division Bell tour and the DVD and Blu-ray packages include the whole live performance of The Dark Side of the Moon – the only full live filmed recording of this seminal album. The concert, filmed on 20 October 1994 at Earls Court in London, saw Pink Floyd play some of their classic tracks as well as highlights from the recently released album The Division Bell. Standout tracks include "High Hopes", "Keep Talking", "Sorrow", "Wish You Were Here", "Comfortably Numb" and "The Great Gig in the Sky".

Nick Mason reflects on the original CD release and the pulsing LED light: "Essentially, it's a device which we thought was entertaining. It's an idea of Storm Thorgerson's which related to The Dark Side of the Moon and the pulse, and it's a live album so the box is 'alive'. After that, in terms of seriously deep meanings, one might be struggling a bit".

You can pre-order P·U·L·S·E Restored & Re-Edited .

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A Momentary Lapse of Reason Remixed & Updated

Дата переиздания в составе


  "The Later Years 1987 — 2019":

13 декабря 2019

Дата переиздания в форматах
 CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 2LP:

29 октября 2021

Remixed by

Andy Jackson
with David Gilmour,
assisted by Damon Iddins

Additional editing by

Devin Workman

Original recording engineered by

Andy Jackson

Assisted by

Robert (Ringo) Hrycyna
with Marc DeSisto,
Stan Katayama,
Jeff DeMorris

Produced by

Bob Ezrin,
David Gilmour


Strom Thorgerson,
Robert Dowling,
Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis,
Peter Curzon/StormStudios




US: —

Дэвид Гилмор: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards & Sequencers

Ник Мэйсон: Electric & Acoustic Drums & Sound Effects

Ричард Райт: Piano, Vocals, Kurzweil, Hammond Organ

Боб Эзрин: Keyboards, Percussion, Sequencers

Тони Левин: Bass Guitar, Chapman Stick

Джим Келтнер: Drums

Стив Формэн: Percussion

Джон Кэрин: Keyboards

Том Скотт : Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone

Скотт Пэйдж: Tenor Saxophone

Кармин Аппис: Drums

Пэт Леонард: Synthesizer

Билл Пэйн: Hammond Organ

Майкл Лэндау: Guitar

Джон Хэлливел: Saxophone

Дарлин Колденхэвен, Кэрмен Твайли, Филлис Сент-Джеймс, Донни Джерард: Backing Vocals

























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Выпуск бокс-сета "Pink Floyd The Later Years 1987 — 2019" в декабре 2019 года дал возможность по-новому взглянуть на альбом "A Momentary Lapse of Reason". Вернувшись к некоторым оригинальным вариантам записи клавишных Ричарда Райта и заново записав партии ударных Ника Мэйсона, продюсеры Дэвид Гилмор и Боб Эзрин восстановили наилучший творческий баланс между тремя участниками Pink Floyd.

Назначенное на 29 октября переиздание альбома "A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Remixed & Updated" в ассортименте 1CD, 2LP, 1СD+1DVD, 1СD+1Blu-Ray, а также 360 Reality Audio, призвано, видимо, пере-дать возможность пере-взглянуть на альбом еще более по-новому.

Заметим, что релиз состоится ровно на девятнадцатую годовщину со дня запуска легендарной рассылки "Welcome to Pink Floyd" на

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Внимательные посетители лос-анджелесской инкарнации выставки "The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains" заметили в секции «год 1977» с альбомом "Animals" новый экспонат, имеющий лишь косвенное отношение к «их бренным останкам». Аннотация к экспонату гласит:

"Это дизайн обложки нового ремикса альбома Animals, произведенного Джеймсом Гатри с оригинальных аналоговых лент. Ожидаемый срок выпуска нового ремикса — июнь 2022 года."

Официальных заявлений о дате выхода Pink Floyd Animals Remix 2018 от враждующих сторон пока не поступало.

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Предварительный заказ переиздания альбома Pink Floyd "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" в форматах 1CD, 2LP, CD + DVD set, CD + Blu-Ray set, а также доступен .

Специальная версия видеоклипа "Learning to Fly" включает звуковую дорожку Sony 360RA immersive audio: если вы посмотрите видео на YouTube в наушниках, то услышите имитацию звука 360RA.

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Звукозаписывающая компания с гордостью сообщает о том, что назначенный на 24 января 2020 года, но неудавшийся выпуск переиздания альбома "The Dark Side of the Moon" в формате гибридный многоканальный SACD всё-таки состоится в этом году, 27 августа, и диск уже доступен для заказа на складе по той же цене $35.

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На японском фан-сайте анонсировано специальное издание, которое будет продаваться только в Японии и представляет собой двухдисковый (CD и Blu-ray) сет, посвященный пятидесятилетнему юбилею со дня первого визита Pink Floyd в Японию — для участия в фестивале "Hakone Aphrodite Open Air Festival" 6 и 7 августа 1971 года в поселке Хаконе префектуры Канагава. Выход юбилейного набора назначен на 4 августа.

Диск Blu-ray содержит восстановленный футаж с исполнением группой сюиты "Atom Heart Mother" на сцене в парке Фудзи-Хаконе-Идзу, съемки путешествия группы из Хаконе в Осаку, а также некоторые дополнительные бонусные кадры с участием дорожной команды Pink Floyd, подготовкой оборудования и т.п., которые ранее нигде не публиковались.

В набор входит 60-страничная книга фотографий, репродукции концертных программок фестиваля, флаер, репринты плакатов и билетов (но не входят ни шарики, ни шарф).

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Запись выступления легендарного американского барда Джона Прайна и его друзей на Ньюпортском фолк-фестивале 30 июля 2017 года будет издана на двойном тяжелом виниле. Выход альбома намечен на октябрь, а возможность пред-заказа открыта с 23 марта в онлайн-магазине .

Для исполнения одной из 16 прозвучавших в тот вечер песен — — на сцену вместе с Прайном вышли Роджер Уотерс и дуэт Lucius. Через три года тем же составом, но уже без Джона Прайна, была записана , включенная затем в фильм-концерт "Our Voices Together".

Предполагается, что доходы от продажи альбома "John Prine and Friends" пойдут на текущие инициативы фонда Ньюпортских фестивалей по оказанию помощи нуждающимся музыкантам.

You know, old trees just grow stronger,
And old rivers grow wilder every day,
Old people just grow lonesome,
Waiting for someone to say:
"Hello in there, hello"...

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15 апреля издательство Bloomsbury выпустит роман Полли Сэмсон "A Theatre For Dreamers" в мягкой обложке.

Бонусом к этому изданию выйдет компакт-диск с музыкой Дэвида Гилмора, вдохновленной романом и первоначально написанной Дэвидом для аудиокниги "A Theatre For Dreamers": песней и тремя инструментальными композициями.

CD треклист:

1. Yes, I Have Ghosts (Gilmour / Samson) 3:48
2. Tell the Truth 1:29
3. Astral Dust 2:03
4. Kokineli 2:14

В то же время Полли и Дэвид сообщают на своих сайтах о том, что "вечера лирики и музыки", проведение которых переносилось уже несколько раз, окончательно отменены. C подробной информацией о возмещении убытков можно познакомиться .

Не исключено, что издание на компакт-диске этих трех инструменталов задумано как компенсация поклонникам за крушение надежд увидеть выступление Дэвида Гилмора хотя бы на этих трех литературно-музыкальных вечерах.

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