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Roger Waters (Let There Be More Light)
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Музыкальные инструменты (10 фото)

Орган Hammond Ричарда Райта The white Fender Stratocaster as it is today. Mini toggle switch between the volume knob and pickup selector.
Comparing body weax ,knobs, pickguard material, body contours with first prototype. Showing wear on the front and back of the rosewood neck. The Interstellar Exhibition, Paris 2003/2004.
Two of four final prototypes. Awaiting soundchek,  Austria, VII 2006. Accessories to black.
Straps. A selection of guitar straps used by David on the Black Strat since 1974. Note: The brown Jimi Hendrix strap pictured on the left and a 1977 

Schaefer Vega wireless transmitter first used for The Wall shows.
Accessories to black.
Picks.Used by David on the Black Strat through the 1970's, in early 1980, during The Wall and during On An Island tour.


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