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Приколы над ПФ (сообщений - 2143)

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michelle   19.11.2004 22:09
...Но до чего мне нравится этот перевод!=))


Petrovich   28.11.2004 22:20
Война и мир + The Wall


sysyphus   29.11.2004 09:12
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 12.09.2014 22:41.


Zuli   29.11.2004 09:14
Стильно! Скарф бы порадовался, чесслово :)



Red_Sun   08.12.2004 17:19
Who the hell does Roger Waters think he is?



Alphina   08.12.2004 22:25
Хорошая фотка!
Но - правда - продешевили.


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 09:20
Я б дала рублей десять...


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 12:55


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 12:56


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 12:56


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 12:58
Recording _Final Butt_ became a nightmare. David Gilmour described the routine which happened every day:

"Roger would show up at the studio about eleven," said Gilmour. "I would meet him at the door, where Roger would immediately wollop me hard in the stomach. He would kick me around a bit, and generally knock the living shit out of me. Then we would sit down for a spot of tea. Afterwards, Roger would twist my ear until I cried. Then we would enter the studio record for a half hour. While I was in the middle of a guitar solo, off in that dreamy guitar-solo world, Roger would sneak up behind me and punch me hard in the kidneys. I'd fall the the ground crying like a baby.

"At this point, Nick would usually come to my defense. Nick would stand up behind his drum kit and say, 'Alright Rog...' but Roger would just walk up to him and push him over backwards. Nick would fall into his drum kit, and Roger would proceed to beat the breath out of him, and finalize the beating with a kick in the groin. Then we'd record for another half hour before Roger would mutter, 'oh, fuck all this,' and walk out of the studio."

But was it really as bad as Gilmour describes?

"It was a very happy period," says Roger. "David would greet me at the door, and I'd meet him with a warm embrace, laughing. We have a spot of tea and chat away the morning. Come noon, we would start recording. Dave's suggestions were impeccable, and always welcomed. And Nick, well, no matter how complex the rhythms became, he was always right on top of it. After recording, we would spend the late afternoon petting kittens, puppies and baby ducklings and frolicking in a sunny field of flowers." Roger paused to add, "My only regret was that Rick Wright wasn't present."

And where was Rick?

"SHHHHHHHHNNNNNNOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRTT," admits Wright, pausing to wipe his nose and sniffle.

мда, не весело...


Zuli   09.12.2004 13:01
Red_Sun> очень хорошо...

Хе, еще один изврат над историей ПФ :)

Bubblegumma и Medal :)


Red_Sun   09.12.2004 13:02
Угу, бойс бэнд...


Zuli   11.12.2004 15:07
Во время недавнего посещения зубного кабинета меня настойчиво преследовала мысль, что Comfortably Numb написана о лечении зубов! :)

Смотрите сами:

>Is there anybody in there
Заглядываю в кабинет врача...

>Come on now
>I hear you're feeling down

Да, да - войдите, свободно...

>I can ease your pain
Сейчас все вылечим...

Вот, в кресло садись и расслабься...

>I'll need some information first
>Just the basic facts
>Can you show me where it hurts
Ну покажи где болит...

>Just a little pin prick
Так, обезболивающий укольчик...

>There'll be no more aaaaaaaah!
И больно не будет...

>There is no pain you are receding
Анестезия действует...

>A distant ship smoke on the horizon
В кабинете на стене напротив висит картина...

Ну и так далее :))


Alphina   11.12.2004 21:11
А я - когда ещё не знала текста - слышала фразу There is no pain и крик и думала - это о том, каким жестоким стал Пинк...



sysyphus   25.12.2004 13:05
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sysyphus   01.01.2005 17:43
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 12.09.2014 22:42.


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