Deaf, dumb and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone's expendable
and no one has a real friend.
Roger Waters (Dogs)
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shatailo64   06.06.2014 22:50
Fripp announced he'd formed an eighth Crimson lineup featuring drummers Gavin Harrison, Bill Reiflin and Pat Mastelotto alongside bassist Tony Levin, saxophonist Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk on guitar.


sysyphus   06.06.2014 23:13
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 13.09.2014 11:22.


Rasputin   06.06.2014 23:37


Da_Funk   09.07.2014 13:55
Появилось крохотное превью нового материала


Muddy_Roger   03.08.2014 10:38
Короткое и насквозь снобское интервью Роберта Фриппа в сентябрьском Uncut.
Такие моменты, как то, что все 17 концертов будут записываться, и что в сетлисте не будет The Court of the CK, понятны и без слов, остальное – интересно.
Фразу "Это первый состав King Crimson – а я был во всех составах – где по крайней мере один из участников не держит зла или активной антипатии ко мне" вообще затруднительно истолковать: это шпилька в сторону Белью или просто понты?

Вырезка трех страниц из pdf:

Uncut #208, September 2014, p.4-6

Starless and Bible back!
“My professional life has been so devoid of joy…”

Over Earl Grey in the kitchen of Discipline Global Mobile studios in rural Wiltshire, Robert Fripp surveys the progress of King Crimson Mark VIII with a Puckish smile. “This is the first King Crimson of which I’ve been a member – and I have been a member of them all – where at least one member of the band does not hold resentment or active antipathy towards me.”
Rehearsals are well advanced for a 17-date tour of the US – Crimson’s first since 2008 – which kicks off in September. Improbably, this lineup is led by three drummers: Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin and Pat Mastelotto are the frontline. Fripp, Mel Collins (saxophone, flute), Tony Levin (bass, vocals) and Jakko Jakszyk (guitar, vocals) will be the backline, located on a riser behind. This, as they say, looks epic. “Crimson as a musical undertaking can’t be judged from its records. It can only be judged by live performance.”
Since exclusively revealing the tour to Uncut last year, Fripp has executed his masterplan with characteristic precision. The first two week batch of rehearsals were completed in June at DGM HQ, with individual sessions for the front and backline. Full band rehearsals take place at Elstree in the middle of July. Final rehearsals are in Woodstock, New York, on August 25. And, uniquely, Fripp is delighting in the experience.
“For me it’s a novelty. My professional life has been so devoid of joy. Satisfaction – yes. Bits of nice happiness on the way – yes. An education – constantly. But a joyful undertaking? No. I haven’t actually enjoyed touring to date. I hope this tour will provide a new direction in my life of playing music.”
Fripp maintains that for King Crimson 2014, it was this lineup or bust. Witness the inclusion of Mel Collins – who first worked with the band on 1970’s In The Wake Of Poseidon. “This wasn’t a question of ‘we need a saxophone player’, because I know at least one other sax player who would like the gig,” Fripp says drily. “If Mel had said no – in fact if any one of the people had said no – then that would have been the end of it.”
Fripp’s stated goal is clearly to encourage his fellow members to push the limits of their playing, and the material. “All my best playing has been done outside King Crimson. Because no-one in Crimson has ever thought: ‘Let’s find a vehicle for Robert to do what he can do well!’ The only two characters who’ve really done it supremely well were Bowie and Eno.”
All the live shows will be recorded, working on the principle that if any shows are good enough, they will be made available as part of the ongoing DGM archive programme. As for writing new material, Fripp has made a start – “but we don’t have the time for me to continue that process at the moment”.
The mechanics of touring this seven-headed beast have directly affected where the band can play: hence, for the moment, the band are only touring the US.”
“In America we are able to actually pick the venues in the particular cities; venues that give us half a chance of making an honourable performance,” says Fripp. “For me, every night provides a degree of heartbreak. If you’re playing in a 2000-seat theatre, then only about 1000 are worth sitting in. What do you do about the character in the first row, last seat on the left, under the bins? I would advise them not to buy the ticket.
“The tickets are not exorbitant, but they are expensive… but that’s function of touring, and that’s the amount of heartbreak I take on. If they were not that price, we couldn’t be playing it.”
Fripp has analysed the logistical complexities with academic rigour. The appetite is there (“I turned down an extraordinary offer from Japan last week. They didn’t make my eyes water but I did put on my spectacles to read the offer”), but for the moment, touring Europe or beyond is “not a question which has current relevance”.
“How do you handpick a tour of Europe? It’s incredibly difficult. So someone says. Why don’t you come to, say, Warsaw. And I say which venue, and they say the Congress Hall. And I say I’ve played it twice – are you aware that the building has a key frequency of C, so that your feedback in the low mids will feedback to note C? And they say no. I have played a lot of these places over the past 45 years. I do know what’s involved.”
What should audiences expect? Fripp is gleefully evasive about the material the band are playing, and how they are playing it.
“A guiding King Crimson principle is the music is new whenever it was written. So it’s all new music. What I will say is, if you are coming with the explicit or implicit demand that you need to hear this music or that then don’t come. And if you’ve already bought tickets, sell them to someone and you might make a profit. The point is with Crimson, if you come with an open mind, generally something worthwhile happens. If you don’t, it’s less likely.
“If you go there thinking, ‘If I don’t hear “In the Court of the Crimson King” I will have a lousy show’, then you will have a lousy show. It’s not on the setlist.”
* * *


sysyphus   03.08.2014 10:59
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 13.09.2014 11:22.


sysyphus   06.09.2014 22:20
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 13.09.2014 11:22.


shatailo64   07.09.2014 01:19
Отставной козы барабанщики)) или козла?


Muddy_Roger   09.09.2014 09:36
На афише сегодняшнего стартового вечера "с элементами King Crimson" Роберт Фрипп представлен странным химическим элементом № 104, Rf.
Такого хим.элемента вообще-то нет! Когда мне в последний раз приходилось смотреть на периодическую таблицу (а это было в школе 35 лет назад), квадратик 104, идущий сразу вслед за квадратиком 88, назывался Курчатовий, а никакой не Резерфордий! Они там бредят, я щитаю, а переучиваться на старости лет не собираюсь!


InOut   09.09.2014 14:38
В 97-м после жалобы американцев переименовали.


sysyphus   10.09.2014 14:13
Удалено пользователем  sysyphus 13.09.2014 11:22.


Muddy_Roger   11.09.2014 05:31
RollingStone про новую вещь "Адские гончие Крыма"

Сообразно с совокупной исторической весомостью его участников, новый Кримзо обратился к каждому десятилетию в своем репертуаре, кроме 80-ых. (А ведь так много душевных вещей могло быть адресовано тому четырехчастному периоду). Титульный трек из "The ConstruKction of Light" 2000-го и "Vrooom" из EP 1994-го получили свои громыхающие переработки. Нового материала пока немного, но есть. "Адские гончие Крыма" (The Hell-Hounds of Krim), записанный в ходе репетиций и вошедший в CD на столах мерчандайзеров, - прозвучал как вступительный марш к полиритмичному обвалу "Red". Первая пьеса для выхода на бис, "Шаманизьм" (HooDoo) обернулась саспенсом коротких, аритмично вспыхивающих взрывов импровизации - классический Кримзовский тест терпения и стойкости поклонников.


InOut   13.09.2014 13:28
Три барабанщика - это, конечно, безумие. Но до чего тонко взаимодействуют!


ppablito   13.09.2014 20:13
InOut> Но до чего тонко взаимодействуют!


shatailo64   13.09.2014 21:32
Суперперцы! Отдельное спасибо худруку Фриппу))


Muddy_Roger   16.09.2014 03:59
Дядька выложил encore в Филадельфии 12 сентября. В подписи от волнения веком ошибся - получилось 20th century fox.
Барабанщики как ни старались втроем Коллинза заглушить - не вышло.

UPD Копия тут


Muddy_Roger   07.10.2014 17:23
Фрипп на последнем концерте тура, Moore Theatre, Seattle, 6.10, в день сорокалетия "Red"

(c) Sid Smith


tracelounge   23.10.2014 11:35
Недавно осилил бокс-сет Язычков, потрясающие концертные исполнения и импровизации, и качество хорошее. В 2013м вышел The Road To Red на 21-м диске, в следующем году можно попробовать осилить и его.
Будем надеяться, в ближайшие пару лет Фрипп порадует нас 36-дисковой версией Starless And Bible Black!


sysyphus   23.10.2014 11:41
tracelounge> Будем надеяться, в ближайшие пару лет Фрипп порадует нас 36-дисковой версией Starless And Bible Black!

Как, вы ещё не знали?

Уже всё вышло, есть даже видео со вскрытием пациента


tracelounge   23.10.2014 11:47
sysyphus> Как, вы ещё не знали?

Неожиданно. А в каком году это вышло?


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