Childhood's end, your fantasies
Merge with harsh realities.
David Gilmour (Childhood's End)
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sysyphus   28.06.2015 11:10
VelvetVoyage> что-то маловато

Конечно - сетлист ведь с фестиваля.


Zuli   28.06.2015 16:27
Так и в Москве будет фестиваль?
Длительность сета - примерно полтора часа.


shatailo64   30.06.2015 23:25
Замечательный пост от Майка Портного.
The world lost a great man today…a man who was a teacher of mine in 11th Grade in High School: Mr. Pat Lynch
Mr. Lynch was my Robin Williams from Dead Poet Society (5 years before the film came out...)
He gave a lesson in Health class that had a huge impact on my life.
The date was Friday November 16th 1984:
He was telling the class to Seize The Day ("Carpe Diem")...pointing out how life was so precious and that it could change any moment on the drop of a dime...and to appreciate everything you have NOW while you have it.
He encouraged everybody in the class to go home that evening and give our parents a hug and a kiss and make sure to let them know how much we loved and appreciated them.
That evening my mom was preparing to leave on a private jet to Atlantic City with her boyfriend for the weekend...just before leaving the house to go out with my friends, I turned around and ran back in the house to give my mom a hug and a kiss and let her know how much I loved her. (I had NEVER done that before!)...she was taken aback and asked where that came from...?? I told her I just wanted her to know how much I love her...
That was the last time I ever saw my mom...she was killed that evening when the plane crashed off the Atlantic City shoreline...
I tell this story not for sympathy...but to encourage others to do the same.
I wrote about this story in my lyrics to "A Change Of Seasons" by Dream Theater...hoping to pass on the lesson of Seizing The Day...I even have CARPE DIEM tattooed on my left forearm, so I always remember it...
And I share this story today to thank Pat Lynch for that incredible lesson that November afternoon...a lesson that gave me my final moment with my that I would NOT have ever had if it weren't for his powerful lesson in class earlier that afternoon.
Thank you Pat Lynch for changing my life and countless others...
Mike Portnoy


Chemic   01.07.2015 10:20
Zuli> Так и в Москве будет фестиваль?

Вроде того .Т.н. Darkside Festival. Только в Москве например,вместо интересных Leprous,будут (непонятно зачем) "готишные" Moonspell.А на самом деле,по моему,все это приурочено к 30-летнему юбилею Dream Theater.


InOut   29.01.2016 11:15
Сегодня вышел новый альбом. Двухдисковый двухчасовой рок-оперный монстр The Astonishing.


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