Something in the sky - sky
Waiting there for me
Roger Waters (Let There Be More Light)
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21.05.20 Фильм Роджера Уотерса "Us+Them" в форматах 4K, HD и SD Digital Stream

Digital Special Features
Viewers on digital will have access to all-new post-feature content including two additional concert songs not included in the original feature (“Comfortably Numb” and “Smell the Roses”) as well as A Fleeting Glimpse, a documentary short featuring behind-the-scenes moments from the tour.

По материалам: Sony Pictures, Roger Waters



And if you were a Muslim and I was a Jew
If I was a Mennonite and you were an Hindu
Would we exchange
The weight of these chains
Chains of belief
And the carnage on the trains
To turn over a new leaf

If I had been God I would not have chosen anyone
I would have laid an even hand on all my children, every one
I would have been content
To follow Ramadan and Lent
Time better spent
In the company of friends
Breaking bread and mending nets

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