The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The nights of wonder
Pink Floyd (High Hopes)
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Summer Elegy


Рик Райт


Рик Райт

Something's got to give
We can't carry on like this
One year on, and more, unsure
Where do we go from here?

Many nights and many days I've spent with you
Talking about what we should do.
I can't say
Nothing's clear to me no more.

One more sleepless night
Yet another wasted day.
This song has no end
Too many words fill my mind.

You gave so much too soon
No longer sure where you want to be.
Turn around
See what you have found.

Let's drink to absent friends
How they cared and all they shared.
We took our life to the edge
They still try to understand.

Time is running out, you're going down
Come on, let's go wherever they may be.
Make a choice
Stay behind or follow me.

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