Run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left
You'll find my favorite axe
Roger Waters (One Of My Turns)
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The Fall Out

Jim: "Blimey! I...I suppose...that was it."

Hilda: "Wasn't it light?"

Jim: "Yea, terrific. You--you get terrific light with those bombs. Listen! A dog!"

Hilda: "What does the fallout look like, dear?"

Jim: "I don't know. The government director neglects to mention what it would look like. Why, I expect it would look a bit like snow does, only gray. Very quiet in there. I expect they're all are having a good lie-in after the bombing."

Hilda: "Terrible smell of burning."

Jim: "Well, yes. Well there's bound to be. That's logical..."
Hilda: "It's like...roast meat."

Jim: "Yes, suppose it does. I expect everybody will be having their Sunday dinner a bit early this week, due to the unexpected circumstances..."

Jim: "A cloud coming up. Looks like rain. We'll be alright for water now for a while, my dear."

Hilda: "Do you think rainwater is alright to drink?"

Jim: "Well, yes, of course it is. There's nothing purer than rainwater, is there? Everybody knows that."


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